I am passionate about writing, communicating, teaching, and creating.

My strengths lie in communicating complex topics in a clear and concise manner, finding the ideal mix of professional and conversational tone, and writing from an objective viewpoint or subtly using persuasive keywords and undertones to sway the reader to a certain mindset.

In my personal and business interactions (especially selling and teaching), I focus on empathy…to listen, uncover the unmet needs, and develop a strategy to meet those needs.

I love to create, both on my own and with a team. I have written two screenplays and have completed treatments for several others. My band, Fine Lion, has released nine tracks, to which I contributed writing and performance.

I bring authenticity, passion, and a consistent sense of awe and wonder to every project in which I am engaged. I have enjoyed the ride thus far and I look forward to connecting with my future collaborators and co-creators.